Cost savings

Cost Savings

Our lighting solutions provide great brightness while using less electricity, saving your money.

Safer Environment

Safer Environment

Increased safety is aided by improved light dispersion and visual acuity.



With designations like IP rating and UL Listed, we’re committed to reliability.



We assure you that everything is in full operating order and condition with a warranty that lasts for 5 years.

Our Products

Industrial Lighting
Industrial Lighting

The lights must be on if the wheels of industry are to keep running. Industrial lighting, on the
other hand, isn’t just about lighting large halls, machines, or manufacturing lines; it’s also about illuminating the people who require it to complete their jobs.
It’s not enough to have the latest technology, high-tech facilities, and appropriate markings if the bare minimum is not fulfilled, the wrong color temperature or intensity in areas where precision is required might limit production.

Sports Lighting

Sports lighting is a type of lighting used to light up huge areas for sporting events. When a game
is played after sunset, inside, or in a confined space, artificial lighting is essential. The goal of VackerGlobal is to provide adequate lighting on the playing field so that both the players and the spectators can see clearly.
Our sports lighting solutions provide a comfortable viewing environment for players, media crews, spectators, and those watching the sport on television.

About VackerGlobal Lighting Solutions

VackerGlobal has extensive lighting industry knowledge with decades of application experience, and long-standing customers.
The best thing about us is that we keep up with industry trends and requirements and offer project-based on the client and industry-specific lighting advice with a variation of professional lighting design tools; The computations we provide adhere to current norms and guidelines.
Furthermore, VackerGlobal has a lot of experience with lighting design for many purposes where we provide a full presentation of your lighting project, complete with light effect visualizations.

A one-stop for sports & Industrial lighting solutions

For any given project-based requirement, we employ our service network accordingly; Almost every application requirement is met by our product listings. Not just that, the services provide energy efficiency and cost savings measurements for modern lighting schemes, as well as feasibility assessments for required features.
Last but not least, Our technical support team will be available to you at every stage of your project. We will come to your installation location and provide you with on-site assistance from a project supervisor. The system is employed with all data sheets as well as detailed documentation. In precise volume planning, you will receive a complete overview of the products required for your project.

Lighting Solutions

Sports lighting solution
Sports Lighting Solutions

Sports lighting Design involves design calculations for the type of lighting to be used, several poles, an Array of luminaires, lux distribution, etc. The purpose of the lighting is that it should create a comfortable and visually appealing environment for both players and spectators and television broadcasting.

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A one-stop for sports & Industrial lighting solutions
Industrial Lighting Solutions

With enhanced lighting and intelligent controls, VackerGlobal enables people to create a smarter future. Our employees and partners collaborate to create inspiring uplighting environments that keep people and businesses safe, comfortable, and productive.

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Our Values


We believe in, invest in, and communicate our knowledge of product development with our clients to guarantee that we provide the best product possible.


We can create unique goods by carefully developing and implementing novel (high-performance) materials and procedures.


We can be as adaptable as feasible because of our expertise, as well as our unique resources and facilities for research, development, and manufacture.


We are strong in challenging projects, new solutions, and the creation of innovative goods because of our passion and ambition.

About Us

VackerGlobal is providing air engineering solutions for almost 10 years. Our products and services are available across the world including the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. VackerGlobal is involved in all kinds of sensors, measuring instruments, monitoring systems, and control solutions for temperature, humidity & pressure. We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company trusted by multinational companies.

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